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PreTrip Checklist. You are packing for that trip, have you done everything you need to
do in some cases months in advance. See here for hints to help your vacation to
become less stressful.
Do you find tipping a pain, click here
for a simple guide to tipping.
Money should not be a hassle, read this article before changing
money and know when it is not a good place to change money.
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OANDA Foreign Exchange Tools

OANDA Currency Trading
OANDA FXTrade has a simple to use graphical currency trading view that allows you to trade or learn all about the currency
exchange market.
Learn, train in the forex market, and fine tune your trading strategy with a free, no obligation demo
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Currency Converters and Tools
•        FXConverter: 164 currency converter is the Web's most popular and free currency converter. You can also customize the
converter to have the same look and feel as your own Web site in minutes.
FXCheatSheet: currency cheat sheet for Travelers is the most useful tool you can take with you on your next trip. Just print the
FXCheatSheet for your next destination, it's small enough to fit in your Wallet and help you figure out the prices in your home
FXDaily: daily one-to-many currency table allows you to view multiple currency exchange rates with one click.
FXHistory: historical currency exchange rates for over 164 currencies with an easy to use interface.
FXPense: calculate your international, multi currency expenses online. Just enter the amount of foreign expense and FXPense
will calculate the exchange rate for the day of the purchase. Then print or export the expenses in MS® Excel.
FXAverage: A multi-lingual currency exchange converter that calculates the weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly average
exchange rates for any user specified time horizon.

Currency Delivery
•        FXDelivery: Get your Foreign Currency and Travelers Checks delivered to your home for your next trip.
TravelSafe Vacation Insurance
will be your final destination. Plus, there’s no medical necessity clause. If you
are hospitalized, we'll be there to pick you up — regardless of the nature of
your illness or injury. Compare the difference between MedjetAssist and other
Travel Insurance
Money and Foreign Exchange
Passports and Visas
This page contains miscellaneous information that may be useful for the traveler. Divided into general categories, each
section has links to web sites where you can find up to date travel related information, or purchase relevant products or

We try to update the information regularly, so we appreciate feedbacks and suggestions from you.  

  • Passport and Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Currency & Foreign Exchange
  • Health:
  • Airlines:
  • Frequent Flyer programs
  • Charge Cards
  • Warnings & Advice
  • Weather
  • Tours,
  • ATMs, Subways,
  • Newspapers
  • Charge Cards
  • Travel Kits & Travel Clothing
  • Telecommunication Services, Sim Cards
Check out this site
for Domestic
OAG Worldwide is the world’s leading
content management company
specializing in travel & transport.
Travel Registration Web Site
When traveling abroad, let the US Government know where you
will be
Passports, VISAs, and Travel Advisories
•        Bureau of Consumer Affairs Home Page
Embassy.Org - Complete Embassy Information
•        A Resource for Foreign Embassies
Airport Status
•        Real Time Airport Status
Travel Warnings - State Department
•        Bureau of Consular Affairs
Travel Warnings
•        U.S. State Department Travel Warnings
Federal Aviation Administration
•        Department of Transportation
US Customs - Traveler Information
•        Know Before You Go
National Transportation Safety Board
•        Public safety and Accidents
CIA - World Fact Book
•        The World Fact Book
•        CDC Immunizations
•        The Weather Channel Home Page
•        International and National Weather
•        CNN Weather Channel
Do you need subway information or maps, then check out The Subway Page.
Do you need to locate a newspaper, magazine article, read your daily newspaper while away
from home, then check out
The NewsDirectory.
Do you have a complaint about a company that you have used, do you want to find out more about a company before you use them,
click here for the Consumer Affairs website. This includes recalls, scam alerts, small claims guide, lemon laws and other useful
ATM Locations:
Cyber Cafes:  Some sites are better than others, depending on the
location that you are searching for, check out as many different sites to
find what you are looking for.
(Locate Cyber Cafes in USA only)
(Locate Cyber Cafes in Europe)
Wireless internet – Hotspot companies - Boingo
If you ever need to file a complaint against any airline that flies within the USA, read this file first to get an idea about where to start
and where to go.  
DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Program
Welcome to, the ultimate source for airplane seating and in-flight services information.
  • Do you want a seat with extra legroom? A seat with a non-restricted recline? A seat that is extra quiet?
  • Would you like to compare the First Class, Business Class and Coach Class seat pitch and seat width of different airline
  • Are you traveling for business and need to know which airplanes have laptop power at your seat and what type of adapter
    you'll need?
  • Have a long flight and want to know what type of in-flight entertainment is featured on your flight and what movies are
    playing this month?
Earn the Most Miles on Every Trip is a free new tool which developed for travel
agents and frequent flyers, to help you and your customers Earn
the Most Miles on Every Trip.
Here is a list of 10 practical travel items that
are essential for a smooth trip anywhere you
may travel.
Lightening the Luggage Load.
Really Ready to Go.
Airline Coffee: Good or Bad!
From National Geographic Traveler: The Little Book of Travel Wisdom
Do you know if the travel agent you are working with is legit, check out this article on Card Mill Agents to find out more.
Hidden Charge Card Fees? Find out more in this
Emergency Tips while traveling
Are Frequent Flyer Miles really worth the hassle?
PC Tips! Click Here.
Did you ever find bed linens or towels that you would just love to have at your favorite hotel. Check out
page for some of the sites now available to buy your favorite hotel bed linen, furniture, accessories,
robes, towels, etc.
Do you have questions about electrical adaptors or voltage
about different countries, then checkout this website for
more information:
click here.
Vacations Are Good for You,
Medically Speaking
About a third of employed
Americans usually do not take all
the vacation days to which they are
entitled, but there is increasing
evidence they are necessary for
good health.
Travel, Transportation, and Recreation
Official information and services from the U.S. Government.
Air Travel: Travel warnings, air travel security tips, real-time airport status, preparing to fly...
Historic Places and Preservation: Historic preservation, National Register of Historic Places, White House, historic landmarks...
International Travel: Currency exchange rates, foreign per diem rates, entry requirements, international driver's licenses, travel
warnings, international travel tips...
Recreation and Tourism: National parks, National Atlas, outdoor maps, the National Zoo, museums, hobbies, leisure activities...
Road and Train Travel: Gas prices, National Scenic Byways, road closure and traffic information, Amtrak, rail travel information...
Travel Safely: Airline status, airport screening, foreign travel advisories, citizens abroad...
Visiting the United States: Travel, Study, Work, and Learn about the United States of America – for Visitors to the U.S.
View the World Tours makes no recommendations nor takes any responsibility for you knowing and understanding
the health concerns or requirements for traveling to any country around the world, including anywhere in North

The information given below is for you to know that you are ultimately responsible for your own health.
CDC: Vaccine Recommendations for
If travel is in your future, be sure to check
out these recommendations from the CDC.
Center for Disease Control (CDC) International Travelers' Health Hotline


FAX: 888-232-3299 toll free
(Any information available by fax is also posted on this site.)

PHONE: 877-FYI-TRIP toll free
Centers for Disease Control and
1600 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30333, U.S.A
Tel: (404) 639-3311 / Public Inquiries:
(404) 639-3534 / (800) 311-3435
Traveler's Health Service
5505 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, N.E. Suite 230
Atlanta, GA 30342-1764
Phone: (404) 459-4343
Fax: (404) 459-4390
Health Canada
Phone 613-957-8739. .
Citizens Emergency Center at the U.S.
Department of State in Washington, D.C.
Eating Healthy on Vacation
UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), started a special portal and has been launched at  to help travelers and the industry in case of such an emergency.
Here is a list of health clients in Georgia:
Georgia Health Clinics.
Ever wondered just how clean your cruise ship is before
sailing on it, visit the
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) which maintains the Vessel Sanitation
Program called the Green Sheet Report.
You have been asked to give your CVVI number, why do you need to give it. What is the security
number that is being requested credit card authorization form.
Airline Contract Provision: what is it and how does it affect me.
What you need to know about consolidator tickets.
Charge Cards
For Chinese Visas as well as
for stays in China in excess of
30 days:
Visit to learn more Spanish
View the World Tours, Inc
If You Want That Pillow,
You're Gonna Have to Pay
Facing steep fuel prices and tough competition,
airlines aren't cutting costs so much as passing
them on,
click here:
Guide tells us how to behave abroad
New booklet hopes to counter image of 'ugly American'
World Citizens Guide
abbreviated pdf file or the 16-tips Business Travelers Guide.
Air Transport Association (ATA), a Washington-based airline trade group, publishes a list of U.S. taxes and fees
levied on commercial aviation on its Web site (
Should you buy extra insurance while renting a car? Check out A Costly Lesson in Car Rental
Liability to find out why or why not.

Travel Tips
Travel Supplies & Travel Kits
Magellan's Travel Supplies
Your personal headrest protector for planes, buses, trains,
movie theaters, etc. For more information on
Samsonite Factory Outlet - Shop Now
Telecommunication Services, Sim Cards
Calling Card 120x90B
Net2Phone Logo 120x90
Banner 10000004button
Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. It sure works.
G Cellular has phones that work
all over the world, check them
out. You can also
click here.
They carry two providers of satellite phone
service: Globalstar and Iridium.
Globalstar is appropriate for trips within
the lower 48 states and select parts of the
Caribbean. Outside of this area, reception
becomes unreliable and if you are able to
place a call at all, you will be charged
roaming fees ($3.49 per min) in addition
to your regular per minute charges.
Iridium will work anywhere on the planet.
The only exceptions are Cuba and North
Korea, and this is NOT due to poor
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Travel Passport
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