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Craft & Vision: 11 ways to Improve Your Photography. Now available.
The title says it all. Its FREE, now and forever. Get your copy today.
Vision is Better II - Free the Mind, Free the Camera. Again. by David duChemin is a collection of 44 of the most recent essays
about the photographic life and craft from David duChemin's wildly popular PixelatedImage Blog. His insights on the how and why of
photography, visual story telling, and life-lessons learned along the way make for a compelling and inspiring eBook that will captivate
you from beginning to end.
Making the Print - Printing Techniques for the Digital Photographer (A Master class) by Martin Bailey. Let your printer and
Photoshop work together to make the most of your prints. From color management to calibration, printers to paper, to profiles.
Exposure For Outdoor Photography by Michael Frye. Using several case studies, this book relies heavily on how to use
histograms. If you feel you need to use them, then this book is for you. If histograms are not something that you want or feel you need
to use, then skip this book. If you have time to practice before hitting the road, then do so. This book will give you some good overall
techniques for going out so you do not miss those great shots.
SHOOT + SHARE: Getting Your Photographs Out Into the World by Stuart Sipahigil. Find ways to easily share your photographs
with family & friends, other photographers, clients, and others. How to share, when to share, setting up a portfolio and many other ways
to get things done in an easy to read e-book for beginning photographers.
Up Close - A Guide to Macro & Up Close Photography by Andrew S. Gibson. By giving you ideas, equipment choices and info on
how the equipment works, this e-book gives you a hands on feel for learning macro photography. It is especially for anyone that wants
to know more about how it works not just how to do it. It gives many different ways of getting macro photography, that there is a
solution for just about everyone who cannot afford the most expensive lens. by far one of the best I have seen on macro photography.
I throughly enjoyed reading this one.
eyePhone - Making Stronger Photographs with Your Camera Phone by Al Smith. Learn to make the most of the iPhone camera
that is always with you. This e-book focuses exclusively on the iPhone, so will  have entire sections that can only be used by the
iPhone, but it has some good techniques that can be used by others with other smartphones. So take a look.
Dodge & Burn - Leading the Eye with Lightroom and Photoshop by Piet Van den Eynd. Have you always wanted to learn more
about Dodge & Burn Techniques. It is the when, where & why do you want to dodge and/or burn in photos to enhance an area of your
photo. You will need at least Photoshop or Lightroom to be able to follow along with the ebook. But the techniques are the same no
matter what photo processing system you use.
There are two offerings that you should be aware of:
LITE: eBook, EasyDodge Lite, and Installation Guide - $5
FULL: eBook, EasyDodge Full, Installation Guide, and Exercise Files - $10
Portraits of Earth, by David duChemin. There is far more to landscape photography than just taking a photo of the scene. This ebook
will help you make the most of your equipment by helping you focus on the techniques using tripods, filters, lenses, etc. Can you
composite correctly, just some of the simple techniques to make your compositions pop better can be found here? This is not a book
for beginners, it is a book of ideas, impressions, inspirations,
Great Light, Easy Light – Strobe Techniques That Don’t Look Lit by Kevin Clark. Everyone loves the look of natural lighting. Seek
out this e-book to find out how to achieve this look by using strobes. Learn to set up with 1 light, 2 lights, 3 lights, bounced lights. This
is by far one of best and easiest to understand the basics in the use of strobe lights. While it will not make you creative, you can find a
system that works for you and what you are looking for by studying each case study and see how it was done. The techniques are easy
to reproduce, and good for beginners to work their way up to an advanced state of lighting techniques.
ESSENTIAL DEVELOPMENT: 20 Great Techniques for Lightroom 4 by Sean McCormack. The primary offering is the USD $7
package which includes the eBook, a Preset Toolbox Guide, and 85 presets to help your readers get to the final image quickly. This is
an amazing resource for most things Lightrooom 4 Develop Module. This helpful ebook allows for you to dig in deep without a ton of
Photograph, Issue 2 a brand new magazine by Craft & Vision. This inaugural issue features 3 very different points of views from 3
different photographers. Plus it has feature articles on lens, creativity, a column on light in the studio, post-processing software such as
Lightroom, and gear reviews.
Click here to view more details for single issue at $8
Click here to view more details for 1 year at $24
Lightroom 4 Unmasked by Piet Van den Eynde. He is an Adobe certified expert. It is aimed at beginners as well as advanced. Also
brings in third party applications and plug-ins that works with Lightroom. It focuses on as an entire workflow application using 60 cases
for you to explore. 10 cases are for professionals (advanced) and for upgraders, 2 cases explore what is new.
Click here to view more details
Growing the Visionmonger: A Kick-Ass Guide for the Photographic Entrepreneur by Corwin Hieber. Be all you can be with this
guide to being a photographic business owner.
From March 18 you can use the promotional code TIME4 when you check out, you can have TIMELAPSE
for just $4 OR you can use the code TIME20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ PDF eBooks from the Craft
& Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm (PST) March 22, 2013. Or you can bundle this author
with his other book
Below the Horizon, and still receive 20% off with the author bundles.
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614444_The Best In Photo Tripods, MonoPods, Heads & Accessories from! Click Here!
Timelapse: An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion by Dave Delnea. You don't have a video
camera, still there is another way to show motion in photographs. And here is the perfect book to get
started. It contains the tools you need, and the techniques to get started, techniques to troubleshoot
problems ahead of time, software to pull it all together. From there it opens up the rest of the world of
motion photography. There is not problem like the present.
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2012 Craft & Vision Collection